Monday, November 08, 2004

edge of skin sin

I was your bedroom world
You made love
to my clothes
I -
a crumpled heap
on your bed
Figures form
on the ceiling
like clouds
Your hands
over me
Riding your wave
making my back
release starts
and I
lay motionless,
you move to
make a move
and I
move again
You grasp your edge
and I take over
I your earth

Fire-Eyes posted at 02:06 am
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Monday, November 08, 2004

Short Comings

I let your pain
through me and invade
my pirate space
More of less
but tasteful
I took a form
slender, pale
but what distance
he has traveled
his hands
across my back

Fire-Eyes posted at 02:11 am
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

how I remember it (unedited)

Mpressive1983: she is heavy on me
Mpressive1983: It is about a beautiful picture I took of her
Mpressive1983: amazing.
Mpressive1983: my favorite photo I have ever taken
pjwogAIM: wow
Mpressive1983: at the pac bell plant
Mpressive1983: a sanctuary we used to run to
Mpressive1983: between the 99 and the trains
pjwogAIM: what kinda sanctuary?
Mpressive1983: knee high grass and gravel brick bulidings with steps just right for 4 people to gather on with beers and cigarettes....old huge tires .... (tractors?).... random bits of metal....another fenced off cement area we would climb in and an enmpty trash can good for hiding the beer if ever necessary and just the rushing of traffic and the knowing that we are between the north and south of the same freeway and you can imagine that your mind's thoughts are like the cars speeding north or south....wherever you want to go and the scilence inbetween clumps of cars or thoughts or mumbled words whatever is in the air and every once in a while see a plane coming down to land in a tiny town that we call home and knowing that we were the only kids who knew of this place and we could see for a hundred miles the lights of the cities as they grow north and then the clouds roll in and the rain starts and we pack up and in the car ride home between the inhale and exhale of smoke and the music promising love or dimissing or starting revolution glancing over at one another and then grinning when we would catch eachothers eyes and then singing cause we were always on the same raod we just sometimes would dissapear within ourselves but mostly we were always the same misfigured person unsure of our future

Fire-Eyes posted at 05:47 pm

Thursday, November 11, 2004


I don't know what it is
or the level of
in my body
but I feel my blood curling
into spirals spinning
like random gun fire
Do you send your chemicals
to the bitter clouds
in an unsure of his color
I let them
rain on me
my one man parade
We are both
so surely lost
not wanting to be found
just find a new way back
(be lost again)
hide and seek
(do you see me over here?)
Dawn breaking
through sky
like broken glass
seeps blush wine

Fire-Eyes posted at 02:58 am
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Thursday, November 11, 2004


Fire-Eyes posted at 03:02 am

Friday, November 12, 2004


when I said I wanted
you to see me
as someone who could be
you misunderstood
I just wanted you to look
like maybe see me
in pieces
as if I am a puzzle
see how I am joined
how I can fall apart
see if we
or if your obtuse angle
is slightly off par

Fire-Eyes posted at 11:16 pm

Monday, November 29, 2004


you and i
are like the california
fault line
everytime you shift
you cannot help
but make my rift
if you fly high enough
you can see
a little girl
dropping rocks
into blackness depths
counting the seconds
til they smash
and expand
into smaller pieces
how far it really is
(i think i lost track)

Fire-Eyes posted at 01:15 pm

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Gentle Discovery (for matt)

getting lost
was so easy
focusing on the soon to be
incomplete poems
like promises
staked in fertile soil
i was losing myself
lost inside
my mind
watching you
waiting on me
to spill
you stumbled to light my smoke
kicked over my drink
it seeped
through wooden
and i cracked
like cheap glass
escaped air
for inhaling
you took me inside my
life i took you inside me
we made fast
falling gently
like fall leaves
slowly dropping
on frozen grass
my eyes glazed
you said i was
i thought i was
to myself
but i left without regret
would return with more
time left
unfolding like origami
finding the creases
in my history
(Ronnie Robinson)

Fire-Eyes posted at 08:41 pm

Sunday, December 05, 2004


your voice sounding so tiny
and suddenly - I am
the ferocious beast
my eyes the lion tamer
whipping hard

then fast
 past every season
my hair the color
of leaves
or grass
without your
unruly hands
to let them run wild in

Fire-Eyes posted at 11:37 pm
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Monday, December 06, 2004

c o n s t a n t

i have not really seen
you for a while
but i start think
you are here
and I am watching you
in the trinity of mirrors
dressing room
of my mind
spinning on heels
in a blurred vision
it is you
and only you
how you were
and how we
used to be
is null and void
and can no longer be
it's amazing
that discovery
is a world of it's own
and there
we can stay youthful
and free
running after trains
of thought
get caught in webs
of intention
watch the tide
pull at us
like desire
and her gentle hand
passing bonfires
of friends
that burn
like my eyes
everyday waking
to the sound
of goodbye

Fire-Eyes posted at 11:40 pm
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